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Affordable Senior Care and Financial Protection

As licensed insurance professionals with over four decades of experience, our number one priority is providing exceptional customer service while helping individuals and families secure their financial futures. We take pride in building trusting relationships with our clients, tailoring our approach to each of them, and delivering expert counsel on a range of policies and products.  

Whether you're a single individual or a family, we cater to all kinds of customer needs with our wide range of services, including financial planning, travel insurance, Medicare plans, life insurance, annuities, guaranteed-issue and immediate-issue combination Medicare plans, Medigap plan options, Medicare Supplement plan options, health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, health plan F, COBRA Continuation Healthcare, long-term care plans, and workplace benefits. Quite simply, we can lay out a plan for you to ensure your financial safety and security. 

In addition to our services, we make sure to provide any necessary outreach to local communities, putting our families in their infancy. We also offer a comprehensive and affordable range of services to senior citizens, including estate planning, probate, accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs. We also provide information on Medicare availability and options, as Medicare is a crucial part of any long-term financial planning strategy today. 

Thanks to our family-owned establishment serving Southern California since 1981, we have established a customer-focused platform and the trust needed to help you make sound financial decisions that safeguard your needs now and in the future.

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